Our understanding on the use of and the implementation of technology is slowly coming to an impasse. Augmentation of technological solutions to help automate manual processes, find abstract information from a multitude of data sources, and make meaningful connections with customers is the next big boom of our era. Our world is full of smart talent, who have ideas and agendas on how to do work better but lacks the right technical frame of mind to deliver actionable services. Ignoring the right ideas and taking the path of least resistance, in the speed in which business is done today, is certainly a recipe for failure.

Technological principles, methods, and augmentation is a learned skill, and no one has proven that more than Chris Chiancone. His approach to technological innovation is based upon 25 years of business process modeling and yields high returns on investment. His “Speaking Geek” and “Geek Speak” series takes both technical staff and leaders through a process to understand one another more effectively; therefore, yielding better technology integration.

Our world needs to better understand technology, develop better technology leaders, and there is no better way to start, than with you. Chris Chiancone is here to show you the way.


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